Manufacturing Industry

A Case Study of a WordPress Website Development for a Manufacturing company

ClickyCode Solutions, a leading web development agency in India, partnered with a manufacturing company to revamp their online presence and optimize their operations. The client, a prominent player in the manufacturing industry, aimed to enhance their digital footprint, streamline their processes, and attract new customers. Leveraging their expertise in WordPress development, ClickyCode Solutions embarked on a project to create a robust website that would serve as a powerful tool for the client's manufacturing operations.

NGG Cables
Technology Stack:
WordPress, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS,
Project Duration:
40 Days
November, 2019

The Objective

ClickyCode was approached to design and develop a website to showcase the company information, products and services.

Project Challenges

The client faced several challenges in their manufacturing operations, including outdated website design, inefficient lead generation, and inadequate product showcasing. They sought a solution that would not only modernize their online presence but also improve their ability to attract potential customers, showcase their products effectively, and streamline their manufacturing processes. The client turned to ClickyCode Solutions to develop a WordPress-based website that would address these challenges.

Solutions Offered by ClickyCode

ClickyCode Solutions devised a comprehensive solution to address the client's challenges and achieve their objectives. They developed a WordPress website to showcase their product and services along with business information.

The Results

The collaboration between ClickyCode Solutions and the NGG Cables led to significant improvements in their online presence.

Increase in Traffic %


Improved Product Showcase


Increase in Online Queries %